Possibilities and Perspective - A Keynote about Realignment.

According to the most recent Teachers Wellbeing Index:
  • 89% of school leaders are stressed.
  • 82% of teachers are stressed.

In 2023 23,241 head teachers left their posts and 1,694 of them were not retiring.

In November 2022 my health began to fail to the point that I had several serious cardiac events due to the pressure of my job as head teacher.

How do we change this for the future of our profession?

We need schools that are based on belonging, shared values, trust, relationships and wellbeing. These are known as soft leadership skills.

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What can P&P offer you?

Do you want to gain clarity and perspective in your life?

  • We offer individual or team coaching to anyone for any life goals (large or small). The professional life coaching offer is not exclusively for people who work in education; we are happy to take on coachees from all walks of life. If you are committed  to the process it will  be totally transformational.
  • We offer professional development sessions for schools, trusts, MATS and LA’s. With 25 years experience we can develop your team in a range of different areas.
  • We offer keynote speeches for conferences, network meetings, staff meetings etc. We promise to be engaging and amusing and the content will be based in the real world of education!

All of the above are offered at competitive rates and discounts can be applied depending on your setting and need.  Please get in touch and see what we can offer you – there is no charge for an initial planning session.

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