Coaching in all it's formats has been around a very long time - but who was the first known coach?

The million dollar question that is asked all the time – what does a coach actually do?

What is Performance Coaching?

Coaching is the process of working with others to enable them to reach their goals in life. As a coach my role is to enable you to explore your situation, find your resources and make you ready for positive change!

With individuals this will:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your relationships
  • Give you a better awareness of yourself
  • Support you to reach your goals
  • Give you a better work life balance
  • Give you greater self-belief
  • Know your greatest skills and strengths

In an organisation/team this will:

  • Give the team greater understanding of each other
  • Raise the levels of cooperation
  • Give clarity in leadership
  • Increase the return on investment
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Ensure greater commitment
  • Improve conflict resolution

Coaching provides:

  • Time for you to explore your needs in a safe, confidential space.
  • A much needed opportunity to ‘dump’ your thoughts and process them in a structured and positive manner.
  • A non-judgmental, trained professional to help you identify your strengths and to hold you accountable to yourself.
  • The defining of your values and how to live your life through them.
  • The belief in yourself and your own resources to take action with your next steps and exciting opportunities.
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What can P&P offer you?

Do you want to gain clarity and perspective in your life?

  • We offer individual or team coaching to anyone for any life goals (large or small). The professional life coaching offer is not exclusively for people who work in education; we are happy to take on coachees from all walks of life. If you are committed  to the process it will  be totally transformational.
  • We offer professional development sessions for schools, trusts, MATS and LA’s. With 25 years experience we can develop your team in a range of different areas.
  • We offer keynote speeches for conferences, network meetings, staff meetings etc. We promise to be engaging and amusing and the content will be based in the real world of education!

All of the above are offered at competitive rates and discounts can be applied depending on your setting and need.  Please get in touch and see what we can offer you – there is no charge for an initial planning session.

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